Sustainable definition for Climate Bee

Climate Bee strives to empower individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporations to carry out sustainable actions. By linking Climate Bees to promoting and rewarding projects that are beneficial to the environment and local communities, Climate Bee will be part of the solution to achieving sustainable solutions and outcomes. In addition, Climate Bee will contribute to the United Nations’ commitment to sustainable development by addressing social, economic, and environmental areas that require sustainable action and change.

“Double the benefit”
Climate Bee is an innovative platform that encompasses a unique carbon-backed reward system for online platforms, and acts as a portal for access to eco and community friendly apps. When a Climate Bee is created, it has an amount of carbon credits attached to it. These carbon credits come from projects worldwide that are reducing greenhouse gases. Climate Bee purchases carbon credits from these projects, thereby promoting the financial viability of new projects and technologies that reduce greenhouse gases and climate change.