Partner Platforms


Corporations that encourage sustainable activities can participate in our sponsor program. Corporate participants in our sponsor program underwrite the cost of Climate Bees as rewards. 


Our online retail partners are concerned about the sustainability of our planet and our communities. By rewarding your customers with Climate Bees, they are an essential part of our Climate Bee ecosystem. Our retail partners benefit by receiving your support as a customer and as an individual concerned about our environment.

Technology Developers & Providers

Whether you are a software developer, a web and app developer, a web hosting and technology provider or anything in between, we believe that there is a role for you on the Climate Bee platform. Use the Climate Bee system to reward your clients and help our planet.


Looking for ways to set your gaming platform apart from others – think about using Climate Bees to reward your gamers and help our planet. Climate Bees are a reward that is global in its environmental benefits.

Social Media
Climate Bee can provide rewards to social media platforms that are an avenue for individuals to connect, support and encourage one another, especially regarding environmental issues. Referrals, hash tags and many other social media tools can all be rewarded using our Climate Bees. Climate Bee offers an environmentally sustainable way to drive social media interaction on your platform.