About the Founders

Rob Elms

Rob Elms has been involved in the carbon markets and carbon trading for over 20 years and spearheaded the developed of some of the very first carbon trades every completed in North America. Rob founded one of the first carbon consultancies; North American Carbon, in 1996, and he engineered many of the first cross border carbon trades between Canada and the US as well as they very first carbon trade between Canada and Europe. More recently, Rob was chairman of a carbon fund (The Greening Canada Fund) that provided Canadian corporate investors with access to carbon emission reductions from projects across Canada. He has been involved in projects and technologies covering a diverse span of technologies, industry sectors, and jurisdictions with experience in developing transactions totalling over 7 million tonnes of carbon emission reductions to date. Rob brings the unique perspective of a seasoned carbon market pioneer to this very unique project. Rob has university degrees in mathematics and engineering.

Katarina Elms

Katarina Elms is an undergraduate student at the University of Guelph who is completing her honor’s degree in Psychology. Since 2018, Katarina has worked as a program specialist for North American Carbon during the Summer months. She has applied the skills and abilities achieved from previous research experience to inform her approach on researching climate change, and her contributions to whitepapers on carbon neutrality and security token offerings. Katarina has also engaged with topics surrounding climate change, community empowerment, and sustainability by preparing posts for North American Carbon’s social media platforms. By participating in meetings with various levels of business and government, Katarina is passionate about promoting positive environmental and societal change. In this way, she strives to empower individuals and communities to make informed decisions that enhance lives and inspire change.